Fabrizius Farm had one pony foal this year! Photos are below!

We are accepting mares that are going to foal. If you have a mare that needs to foal, please feel free to email us at Judyfab@aol.com for more information.

Fabrizius Farm provides close circuit TV for 24 hour viewing. Large 12 X 14 foaling stalls, beautifully homegrown hay, family run operation with 30 years of equine service.

We had a beautiful solid black colt from our Amish bred pony mare Midnight. She had a great delivery that Brooklyn and I witnessed. Brooklyn is a pro and teaching her little man Jett.

Brooklyn checking to see how Midnight was bagging up. Also taking her for her nighttime walk.

Brooklyn was right there to welcome Jett into the world and get him used to the human touch.

This little man has received lots of handling and love.

Having special friends come to visit our little Jett.