Quality Hay and Straw for Sale

Custom Hay Produced from your hay fields

Are you running low on hay? Give us a call and we can deliver hay or you can pick it up.

We are selling and delivering hay from the 2017 Hay season. You can prepay for the hay that you will need and we can store and deliver the hay when you need it this winter!

Fabrizius Farm also does custom hay. If you want us to make quality hay from your own fields, give us a call and we can discuss how we can produce the best quality hay for you for the 2018 hay season.

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We now own and operate a Bale Bandit. This blue machine above will take 21 bales of hay or straw, bands it with a metal band and discharges it on the ground. It makes is so easy for us to pick it up, put it on your trailer or our trailer and deliver it to your home or barn. All you have to do it so cut the band and you have 21 normal bales of hay or straw. Call Gerard for more information. (630) 542-8044.

We produces fine quality and quantity hay and or straw from our fields or your fields. We have different cuttings of straight alfalfa hay and different alfalfa/grass mixture hay and straight grass hay. We produce small square bales of hay, large round and large square (500 pounds) bales with delivery and or pick-up available. We also have cow and beef hay for sale. Call for more information and book us for the 2018 hay season.

Fabrizius Farm also can prepare your fields and plant the necessary seed to produce your own hay fields. Call Gerard at 630-542-8044 or email us at Judyfab@aol.com for more information.

Please feel free to email us with any questions: Judyfab@aol.com