Fabrizius Farm

4N859 Meredith Road Maple Park, IL  60151

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Fabrizius Farm

is a fifth generation farm owned and operated by

Gerard Fabrizius and Judy Wiesbrock

Lucy and Chase taking Chester for a spin!

Collins, Grace and Choice!

Chase, Chester and Olivia doing their first Lead Line class!

Navy and Elliott’s Puppies at Three Weeks old!

The Perfect Prom Date!!!


A Peaceful Evening on farm


Having fun in the corn field!

Enjoying the Beautiful 2023 Spring Day!


Big Sister Collins, who will be Five Years in May, helping little Brother Chase (10 Months Old) learn to ride!

Collins and her new Rottweiler Male Finn




We are so totally blessed!!

Love seeing Nature on the Farm! A Beautiful Owl sitting

and watching the corn grow!


Collins is enjoying Spring to Fall!



What could be more natural and beautiful then this little girl enjoying our beautiful Fall colors and weather?

Cole Loves the Farm and is one of the 6th generation Fabrizius that loves the land and the fall weather!

What a beautiful Sunrise!

I was also able to catch a beautiful November Sunset!

A little Farmer at work picking vegetables!!

A beautiful Fall afternoon with the family!

We are truly blessed!

Love watching the girls on their favorite horses!

Collins taking care of her horse Choice.

Brooklyn and Collins taking care of Flukey.

Olivia taking a run with her puppies!!

Can life get any better with these two beauties!! We are all very thankful!!

The Fabrizius Family is totally blessed to welcome Cole Austin Creasy to the Family! Cole was born April 14, 2020! Collins likes her little brother and is a wonderful helping hand! Lots of kisses and hugs!!

Midnight had her baby! Little Miss Slate arrived June 16, 2020. We could not be happier with this little cutie!

Check out the sire on our 2020 Foal page! He is stunning and a show Champion.

Collins is loving her chocolate lab puppies!

Midnight had her foal!! Brooklyn has a new baby project!! He was born May 28, 2019! Brooklyn was on hand to see her first foal born! His name is Jett!

The training begins!!


We are blessed to be healthy and happy! Our best wishes to you and yours!

Fun on the Farm during the Summer.

Brooklyn is the queen of the Hay bales! We have some beautiful 1st, 2nd and 3rd cutting hay. Grass, grass/alfalfa and stronger alfalfa bales that are ready to be delivered and stacked in your barn or available for pick up!

Please email Judy at Judyfab@aol.com for more information.


Find the Rottweiler Pups in the Alfalfa Field!

This is one smart puppy checking out what is going on with his computer!

A Beautiful Summer day on the farm.

A lovely Fall day for the girls and their dogs!

Brooklyn enjoying a field of sweet clover. This will be made into hay shortly.

Olivia and Brooklyn are back in the saddle again! Spring is here!

Brooklyn working hard to take care of “her” puppies!

We OFA certify all of our dogs eyes, hips and hearts in ensure the healthiest puppy possible.

How else are you supposed to enjoy a beautiful day in June?

Here is a video that Gerard created. A poem that he wrote. We hope you enjoy it.




   Brooklyn enjoying the dogs.

                                                                                 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cooper, enjoying the bells on his collar and the snow fall!

This is a video with different photos of our family, horses and our farm.

Here Gerard and Brooklyn are checking out the crops.

Zayne enjoying the Fall leaves.

Gerard showing Brooklyn the herd!

The best 2012 Spring ever, we have the best arrival yet! Our first grandchild. Here is Brooklyn Olivia at seven months old!!

Here is Brooklyn’s Year of Life Video.

We are selling and delivering hay from the 2023 Hay season. Give us a call and reserve your hay. You can prepay for the hay that you will need and we can store and deliver the hay when you need it this winter!

Fabrizius Farm also does custom hay. If you want us to make quality hay from your own fields, give us a call and we can discuss how we can produce the best quality hay for you for the 2023 hay season.

We own and operate a Bale Bandit. This blue machine above will take 21 bales of hay or straw, bands it with a metal band and will discharge it on the ground. It makes is so easy for us to pick it up, put it on your trailer or our trailer and deliver it to your home or barn. All you have to do it so cut the band and you have 21 normal bales of hay or straw tied with twine. Please call Gerard at 630-542-8044 for more information..

We produces fine quality and quantity hay and or straw from our fields or your fields. We have different cuttings of straight alfalfa hay, different alfalfa/grass mixture hay and straight grass hay. We produce small square bales, large round and large square (500 pounds) bales with delivery available. We also have cow and beef hay for sale. Call for more information and book us for the 2023 season.

Here are some photos of the girls and their dogs from the May 21, 2011 DuPage 4-H Dog Show.

For Olivia’s last year of 4-H, she ended up with Grand Champion obedience, Reserve Showmanship and over all points Versatility Champion with her chocolate lab Nia.

Grace with her dog Jade who is a Miniature Australian Shepherd won Grand Champion Obedience.

Congratulations to Olivia and Nia for winning First Place at the 2009 State of IL Fair Dog show!


Mare, Brooklyn & Gem Gem enjoying the newly baled Round Bales of Hay!

This photo was taken September 25 in the early morning mist.

Since retiring from the dairy business in December of 2001, we have decided to devote our time to producing the same quality hay that was needed for our milking cows to produce quality milk. From high protein alfalfa hay to tender grass bales, we have the hay that you desire for your animals. Whether you want a 1100 pound round bale for the ease of feeding during the winter or the small square bales and also we are now producing 2 X 3 Large Square bales est. 600-700 pounds and we can deliver any size you desire. Email us at Judyfab@aol.com for more information about our products and delivery.

Fabrizius Farm is a State, County and AKC Licensed Kennel. Fabrizius Farm also takes pride in raising American Kennel Club registered Chocolate, Black, Red Fox and Yellow Labrador Retrievers and AKC & CKC Registered Rottweilers. We also have CKC Jack Russell Terriers and CKC & American Stock Dog Registered Miniature Australian Shepherds.

Farm raised AKC & CKC Registered Labrador Retrievers, AKC & CKC Registered Rottweilers and CKC Jack Russell Terriers and CKC & American Stock Dog Registered Miniature Australian Shepherds – all raised with our children. By the time they are ready for new homes, they will have had their dewclaws removed, been dewormed  Five times, treated with Albon, Vectra 3-D and Sentry and have had Three Sets of Vaccinations. They are fed Fromm Gold Puppy Food to give them the best start.

All of our puppies are handled and loved by our children since the day they were born.

LIKE A COMEDIAN (Fluke) and ROAR OF LAUGHTER (Rory), two of the foals we bred, raised and trained and are now in the show ring.

At least Olivia, Fluke, Grace and Rory enjoyed the rains!! This photo was taken on September 14, 2008.

This photo was taken of LUCKY CHARM at USEF Pony Finals in Lexington KY in 2006. The picture is from the Over/Fences Large Green Pony Hunters. Lucky Charm placed 25th out of 71 ponies. LUCKY CHARM is another COMEDIAN foal that we bred, raised and trained and now is in the show ring. This gelding has won several “A” circuit championships. Keep your eyes open for him!

Grace having fun with “Fabrizius Lovers Lane” a registered paint filly that was born on our farm.

The foals that are born on our farm have been socialized and handled since the day they were born.

This is no laughing matter!! We take great pride in our family business.

Grace and Scarlet, take a quick nap in the afternoon.

For questions. please email us at Judyfab@aol.com

Springtime on the Farm 202!

Olivia and Tucker enjoying a great day in the field!

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