2006 Foals

The Foals of 2006!

Our first foal has arrived! She is our first COMEDIAN of 2006.

Her name is “Four Days Shy” She is by COMEDIAN and out of TRULY A DREAM, who is by SPY SIGNAL. Nicknamed “Hope” was born March 14, 2006.

It was early enough to have friends come and visit our newborn!

These photos were taken when the filly was twelve hours old, right before we left for school. We have high “Hopes” for this filly. It was hard to get the girls to leave the new foal!

What a beautiful day to play! “Four Days Shy” or nick named “Hope” at four days old!

COMEDIAN/MISTY – Belgium Draft mare – “Kiwi” Filly born March 29, 2006.

This is Misty right after we bought her. My kids all learned how to drive with her.

This is the new COMEDIAN filly. It will be neat watching this Belgium/Thoroughbred filly grow.

Can’t wait to get her outside to watch her run!

Baby Kiwi is a real sweetie!

This is Kiwi as a two year old. She was trained to drive and ride.

Here she is! “Echo of Laughter” was born at 1:00 in the morning of April 19, 2006. She is a real sweetheart, lots of white and a beautiful chestnut. She is by COMEDIAN and is out of “Pepper” who is an imported Dutch Warmblood.

This photo was taken on May 4, 2006. Loving the fresh spring evening!

This black and white registered pinto colt is owned by Mary Walton. “Comedian’s Fancy Foot Work”, nicknamed “Jasper” was born April 24, 2006 at 12:15 in the morning. Mary was thrilled that COMEDIAN threw her this colorful colt!

This is “Jasper” out enjoying the sunshine the first weekend in May.

Now that Jasper is two and a half he is now in training. Here he is after two weeks of training already on the road. He has a gentle personality and is willing to learn.

We had our fourth filly of 2006. She is out of a Grand Prix Jumper Mare. This black filly is sure to do gray like her Momma Alaska! We are going to nickname her “Juno”.

This filly is a COMEDIAN daughter and was born May 8, 2006 in Wisconsin. The Mother used to be an eventer. To check out what this filly is going to be doing some day, here is the owner’s web page: http://www.3dayevent.com/

These photos were taken of this filly at three months old.

Now this filly is 18 months and is close to 15 hands. She just won reserve champion at Silverwood Dressage Inhand Breeders class!

We could not be prouder!!

This filly was born on May 9, 2006! She is our first filly by our new Thoroughbred stallion BALLYNEETY SAINT! Her registered name is “Love you All More”

We finally have a colt! That is after five fillies!

Isbelle and Comedian had a colt this morning, May 19, 2006! He will be Dunn!

This photo of Edge and Grace was taken at the beginning of September.

This is a photo of Edge as a yearling. He is filling out well and growing like a weed.

Here is a scratch session between the babies and one Mom! Everyone was enjoying the spring weather and a good scratch!

This colt is our last foal for the 2006 foaling season. Shyanne, our registered Welsh mare gave birth to a Comedian colt on May 25, 2006! A healthy colt! We have given him the nickname of Oliver.

This was taken in August. We have Juno, Oliver peaking around the corner, Echo eating and Hope. How fast they grow up!

This is Hope on the left and Juno on the right.

This was taken the same day and I thought it was cute how Claire, the Jack Russell puppy decided to sit and rest in the shade of Misty.

Here is a photo of Comedian’s grand daughter. This filly was born this spring and is listed as the first white registered Thoroughbred in IL. She is proudly owned by Amber Bauman of Woodstock, IL. Look for this filly at Fall Horse Shows.

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