Farm Raised AKC & CKC Rottweiler Puppies

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We OFA and DNA Test our Rottweiler eyes, hips and hearts to ensure the healthiest puppy possible.

A Very Happy Holiday Season to all of you!!

Our next litter of Rottweiler puppies will be in March 2023.

The parents will be Elliott and Okla along with Elliott and Elodie

Please email Judy at for more information on our next litter.

Our little Cuties Playing on the Farm!

Arla and her Beauties!!

Elodie’s Puppies

Playing in the Playhouse!

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questions about our current and upcoming litters.

Collins playing with Rebel’s puppies!

Please email us at for more information and questions about our upcoming litters.

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Brooklyn with Piper and Bailey!

Brooklyn with Pearl, Zenna, Lock and Key!

“Honeyview Captain Reba”

This is Navy. She has had her hips OFA radiographs done and she received a “Good” Rating. Navy has also had her OFA Heart Certified and is Normal. Her OFA Certification for her eye as normal.

“Honeyview Captain Reba” Pedigree “Navy”

When our puppies leave their Mothers at eight weeks of age, they will have their dew claws removed, tails docked, first, second and third set of vaccinations and will have been dewormed with two different worming medications five times, treated with Sentry, Vectra 3D and Albon or Toltrazuril.

What is more fun that some Rottweiler puppies to play with?

Newborn photos.

Arla’s puppies at one week of age.

Arla’s puppies two weeks of age!

“Piper Collins Creasy”

Rottweiler Female BLK & MAHOGANY

Piper’s Sire: Felix and Zanna’s Legacy Ollie WS60035805 BLK & MHG

Piper’s Mother: Zephyr Sea WS50204607 BLK & MHGY

Piper’s Preliminary OFA for Hips, Heart, Elbows and Eye are good.

DNA Test Results are Normal and Clear


“Bailey Wiesbrock”

Rottweiler Female BLK & MAHOGANY

 Piper’s Sire: Felix and Zanna’s Legacy Ollie WS60035805 BLK & MHGY

Bailey’s Preliminary OFA for Hips, Elbows and Eye have been taken.

DNA Test Results are Normal

“Okla Wiesbrock Fabrizius”



  Okla’s Sire: Luke Von Elliott WS59458201 BLK & MHGY

Okla’s Mother: Olga Con Schlosser WS62670607 BLK & MHGY

Okla’s Preliminary OFA for Hips, Heart, Elbows and Eye are good.

DNA Test Results are Normal and Clear

“Arla Wiesbrock Fabrizius”
Rottweiler Female BLK & MAHOGANY

Arla OFA Hip and Elbow Results are Good and her OFA Eyes Results are normal.

Arla Sire: Izzy’s Renegade Vom Joby WS50025305 01-16 OFA30G DNA#V837145

                                        Arla Mother: Yoder’s Hershey WS51390704 08-17

Arla and Elliott running the farm.

Arla as a puppy.

“The Three Rottweiler Sisters”
Key, Lock and Zenna
Black and Mahogany

The Three Sister’s

Sire: Diesel Von Haus Istokovic WS74587601 (08-22)

Grandsire: Michael Corleone Von Hause Leroy KSS JR 77013 RW (04-21) Grandmother: Enny Od Dragicevica KSS JR 75120RW

The Three Sister’s

Mother: Sky Von Secret WS70907003 (08-22)

Grandsire: Ozzy Von Quigley WS55079802 (06-18)

Grandmother: Jenny’s Secret WS55608402 (09-19)    

The Three Sister’s Preliminary OFA for Hips, Elbows and Eye have been taken. DNA Test Results are Normal and Clear



“Sara Sue Von Droya Blatz” nicknamed “Elodie”
Rottweiler Female BLK & RUST

Elodie’s OFA Hip Results are Excellent and her Elbow and Eyes Results are normal and Elodie’s Heart is OFA Good.

“Elodie’s Pedigree”

Elodie’s Sire: Deutschie Anfang Beschutzer WS43456301 (01/15)

                                         Elodie’s Dam: Yoder’s Amber WS44938403 (01/16)

Here are some photos of Elodie.

One of Elliott & Elodie’s sons that was born December 25, 2020 at four Months of age.

Okla and Faith Enjoying checking out the farm!

“Dyna Valda Xandrah Lollis”


Rottweiler Female BLK & Mahogany

Dyna’s OFA Hip Results are Good and her Elbow and Eyes Results are normal and Dyna’s Heart is OFA Good.

Dyna’s Sire: Tahoe Lollis WS45850201

Dyna’s Mother: Chevelle Lollis WS 48745909

Photo of Dyna

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Our puppies are handled daily and are treated with Love, kindness and tenderness.


Please email us at any questions about this new litter.


These are some photos of the last litter we had from Treal and Elliott.


Winter fun on the Farm 2018. These photos were taken Christmas Eve 2018. They are of Arla at five months old.


Brooklyn and Treal enjoying the summer corn.

If Brooklyn is playing in the corn, then Elliott has to be with her.


Brooklyn enjoying the puppies at 3 1/2 weeks old.

Olivia and one of her puppies!

One of the Girls enjoying the brisk morning!

Treal, Mia and Ember enjoying a summer afternoon.


This was a fun afternoon in September. The dogs all enjoyed playing with each other and a great time for a swim in our creek.

Here are four of the Rotts enjoying a day in March.

Atlas and Mia enjoying the snow! At least someone was!

 “Arla Wiesbrock Fabrizius

Rottweiler Female BLK & MHGY

“Arla Wiesbrock Fabrizius’s Pedigree”


Arla’s Sire: Izzy’s Renegade Vom Joby – WS45025305

                                               Grand Sire:Joby Wom Avensis WS35704602

                                           Grand Mother: Izzy Vom Xanto WS39106304

Arla’s Mother: Yoder’s Hershey – WS51390704

                                             Grand Sire: Ottas Sharp Shooter WS50050401

                                                 Grand Mother: Toder’s Coco WS44020007

                          Arla OFA’s were Good for her hips and normal for her heart and her eyes!

Our dogs have been raised with other dogs and with our kids. They are friendly, healthy and very loving.

Our dogs all get along very well. Our Rottie and Jacks all share a bed!

 Email us at for more information.

Fabrizius Farm is a State and County Licensed Kennel.

All of our Fabrizius Farm dogs that are two years or older that produce puppies have had or will have their eyes examined by a board certified member of the American College of Veterinarian Ophthalmologists.

CERF stands for Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Our Rottweiler and Labrador Retriever dogs have had or will have their hips xrayed for pre OFA Evaluation and when old enough will have their permanent OFA certifications.

Our Rottweiler have had or will have their Hips, Eyes and Hearts OFA tested.

Our farm and dogs have been inspected by the AKC certified inspector.

We have AKC Puppies each year. Farm raised and handled by adults and children since birth. At the time of weaning they have their first shots, their dewclaws have been removed, their tails have been docked according to breed standards and they have been dewormed.

Here are some photos of our Rottweiler Litters in the past. They are so sweet and are real cuties.

Brooklyn and Elliott. Our dogs are handled with Love and Care!!

AKC & CKC Rottweiler Male

“Elliott Wiesbrock Fabrizius’s Pedigree”

Elliot has had his hips xrayed for his OFA certification and they are “Good”

Elliott has been tested by the OFA for Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy (JLPP) and is Normal. Elliott has also been DNA tested for Degenerative Myelopathy and he is not a carrier.

Explanation of Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy Results:


This dog has tested normal (or clear) for the mutation known to cause JLPP. It can only transmit a normal gene to offspring, and can be bred to a dog with any test result without risk of producing affected offspring.

Elliot’s Sire: Toby Von Elliott WS40947702

                                        Grand Sire:Samson Von Kahnmann WS2941970511-10

                                              Grand Dam: Mya XXX WS3874830209-13

Elliott’s Mother: Jade Elliott II WS40947702

                                    Grand Sire: Brock Obama Grant WS25519206-05-11

                                        Grand Dam: Jasmin Michele Obama WS30342350-11

Elliott playing in the field.

Elliott as a puppy.

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