Dogs from Previous Litters

Dogs from Previous Litters

We love hearing about the puppies we have produced in the past. Here are some photos and stories

of loved puppies and their new lives. We added this page to our website on April 10, 2007


Hi Judy,

Thought I send you a 6-month update on Evie.  She’s been a wonderful puppy and I’ve been keeping her busy.  She goes to puppy training/day care 2 or 3 times a week.  Take a look at the video I’ve attached.  The trainer has fallen in love with her.  He’s always had a retriever, but Evie has him rethinking.  She’s become his Facebook star promoting his business.  He keeps telling me how smart she is.  She’s well socialized with people and other dogs.  When she’s not in daycare I bring her into the office with me.

Thanks again Judy.  She’s become the love of my life.


Evie is from Dyna and Elliott’s 2022 Litter


“Couch Buddies” 

Cookie and Candy are my Joys!  We got both of them from Judy as puppies.  Cookie is 10 and Candy is 5, but they are very bonded even though they love different things.  Cooke loves to chase after rabbits or squirrels and dig for moles, while Candy rather chase after balls.  Both of them are so loving, their favorite place to cuddle in on my lap. 



Hello! I wanted to send over some images of Scout recently! She is doing great so far! We went to the vet on Monday and she is weighing 15.4 lbs and all up to date on her vaccines. She has been very smart and picking up tricks very quickly. I am excited for the weather to get warmer and be able to take her on longer walks.

I hope all is well with you! 

Scout if a daughter of Colbie and Wanna Bee


Thought you might enjoy this pic of Anabelle. She is wonderful. She is doing well with training, loves retrieving

Annabelle is from Eola and Hunter’s July 29, 2022 Litter


Hi Judy,

Hard to believe but our puppy Juno is 16 weeks tomorrow 🙂 36.5 pounds on Friday, I weigh her on our shipping scale twice a week. She’s so beautiful and smart 🙂

Thanks!  Jamie

Juno is from Larkin and Tucker’s 2022 Litter! 


Hi Judy,

Macy is the Queen!! 7lbs now!  We have puppy class tonight.  She knows to sit, working on laying down which works with one of her toys. I’ve never let any other pets on our front room furniture but the loveseat is in front of our window where she can watch our horses. Next month I am getting her spade.  She is able to go outside by herself some. 5 months old. We love her so much!!

Happy New Year!! Look forward to seeing your new JRT babies this year!

Macy is a daughter from Gem Gem (Jill) and Chebby’s 2022 Litter and she lives in Centralia, MO


Merry Christmas Judy!!!

I just wanted to say how thankful and blessed we are to have Luna in our lives! She’s doing great and a fast learner. Also, you can see how beautiful she is from the enclosed pictures. She’s exhausted from the treadmill trying stay in shape from the cold weather and holiday cookies! Hope you have a Great Christmas!  

Take care, Mike   

Luna is from the 2022 litter of Hunter and Eola


Hi Judy,   

Merry Christmas ❄️  to you and your family.  I hope you have a safe and magical holiday! Odin (Elliott and Elodie 2020) is 2 years old today!  He was one of the best Christmas presents ever!  He is the sweetest, smartest, most handsome – big O.  Everyone just can’t help falling in love with him.   If it weren’t for you, Elliott and Elodie, we would not have such an awesomely wonderful addition to our family! ❤️ We’re thankful everyday for him!  

Thank you! ❤️


This beautiful puppy is from Eola and Hunter’s 2020 litter!



I attached a photo of Sheila with my mother, on her 90th birthday (soon to be celebrating her 99th). 

    Sheila was a wonderful dog and brought a lot of love into our family….thanks.                                                                                           Randy 


This old girl was 12 on November 21, 2022!!! We are thankful to you for such good genes!! Have a great Thanksgiving!  She’s waiting for her Thanksgiving meal 😃


She is soooo silly!!

This cutie is just trying to help empty the dish washer! She is from Elodie and Elliot’s 2022 litter. 


One week of being with us!! Presley is much more comfortable with us now. The shy, timid pup is gone. She is causing mischief and terrorizing lol. The kids are obsessed with her and run downstairs to see her as soon as they wake up.

Presley is from Elodie and Elliott’s August 30, 2022 litter!


Stormy is doing great. She is super athletic. She likes jump from the floor onto your shoulder when you are sitting down. She can even jump in the tractor. With her long legs and lanky body I think she would be good at agility. She also loves her ball. She is potty trained and I had her spayed.  She loves being outside. I think she would live outside if we would let her. She knows how to sit, shake and lay down. She loves terrorizing our cat, she doesn’t bit her but she loves to smell her lol. She loves our other Aussie. She enjoys chewing on her legs and biting her ears. She is definitely a hand full but we love her ❤️                         

Stormy is one of Colbie and Wanna Bee’s Daughters!


Hi Judy, 

Olive turned 13 today!  Thought you’d want to see what a beautiful old girl she is. 

Still spunky, funny and very interested in everything going on.

Michelle & Tim

Olive is from Abby and Drake’s 2009 Litter!


Annabelle is having fun in the leaves.  Everybody loves her! Tammy  

Annabelle is from Eola and Hunter’s 2022 Litter!


 “This handsome guy is from Navy and Elliot 2022 litter and is now he is 6 months old.  He is such a sweet boy with great temperament and really smart. ”


A Fun Run before Fall!


Some photos!! We absolutely love Macy!!  She is so cute, and we sure enjoy her. 

Macy is from Gem Gem (Jill) and Chebby’s August 2022 Litter!


Mala turned 7 years old on October 13th and Zayda will turn 9 years old.  We took them to Wolf Mountain for a celebratory hike and family day. Both girls are doing wonderful.  We got quite a bit of snow over the weekend and they both loved playing in the white stuff!  


Hi Judy,

Luna seems to be feeling quite comfortable in her new house (you can see for yourself in the attached pictures). Doing very well with training and potty training. Slept through the night Saturday, very happy with that!! During the week I get up at 2-3 am so it works out good for her to go out. Did good at the vet September 30 and going back October 29. Hope all is well on your end. Thanks for a great pup!! We love her dearly!!!  Mike 

Luna is from Eola and Hunter’s 2022 Litter


Good morning Judy!

I hope you and your family are doing well! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve sent an update, life’s been a bit crazy. Killua is now 5 months (as of Monday!) and is already a whooping 27 pounds. He’s growing so fast it’s hard to believe that’s the same little puff ball I picked up in July. He is super healthy, all up to date on his vaccinations now, and couldn’t be happier!

Now that he’s a bit older I can safely say he has a lot of personality. He is incredibly sassy, energetic, and extremely clever. It’s been a ton of fun to train him and he can do all sorts of tricks. His basics like recall, sit, and stay are all solid and I can’t ask for a better dog. He’s incredibly loyal especially me, he is attached at the hip. Guess that’s why they call them Velcro dogs! He gets along really well with Marshall the weenie as well, those two couldn’t be better friends. He loves my girlfriend as well just not as much as me.

Recently, and I mean as of this week, he’s finally decided he loves to cuddle and I can’t pull him off of me. We’re giving him a ton of exercise and mental stimulation. I’m going to be signing him up for some advanced training and agility classes to really push him because I can tell he’s ready!  I think that’s all, thank you for an amazing dog!!!
Best regards, Jake

Killua is from Hadley and Wanna Bee’s 2022 Litter

YellowLab Lido is 5 months old today! We love her to pieces ❤️! 


Hi Judy,

We got Riot from you a year ago today.  He is doing wonderful and he is so incredibly loved.  We can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to have him in our lives. 


Sincerely, Patrick Meghan and Riot

Riot is one of Elodie and Elliott’s son from the August 2021 litter.

Thanks to Fabrizius Farm for my First Mate Harley on her maiden voyage on a Wisconsin sunset cruise!! Great family dog! Beautiful inside and out! 

Harley is one of Treal and Elliott’s daughter from the November 22, 2021 litter.


This is Maggie!  She is from Mia’s July 4, 2017 Litter!!


Our kid #3 of 5 in the middle.  This was the only photo he wanted at college this year!  Ha Ha!  Hershey on the left (Nia and Dell) 2010 and Mocha on the right (Mia and Tucker) 2018.


Happy One Year Birthday!


 Hi Judy,
                           I just thought I’d share a picture of Penny on her first birthday.  She got lots of extra treats today.  We love her to death! 
Hope you are well!
Best, David

Penny is from Larkin and Hunter’s 2021 Litter!



     I’ve been meaning to forward a picture or two this past year, but the older I get time just slips away.        Last September my son and I had the great pleasure of each getting a Rottweiler pup from you – named Timmy and Panzer.  Below is my pup Panzer, at one year of age – great pup now pushing 115 lbs.  He and his brother Timmy have been to many training sessions and both do well.

                We started with a great trainer who emphasized the need for a lot of socializing in the first six months which we did and are both pleased and amazed how kind and friendly both pups have turned out to be – oh yea, and smart too!   Lately we have started referring to Panzer as Johnny Weissmuller as he has discovered he enjoys jumping in the pool and Paddling around on hot summer days. In the picture you will see the one true casualty at my home – that being the legs on  My desk chair – small price to pay for a good pup !

Hope every one at Fabrizius Farm is doing well.    Mike S from Greensburg, PA

Two Brothers from Elliott and  Elodie’s 2021 Litter


They’re both doing great! They both have great personalities and we love them very much! Thank you 😊 Kona (2yrs) and Lani (1yr)

Kona is from Synda and Elliott’s 2020 Litter

Lani is from Rebel and Elliott’s 2021 Litter


Hello! A couple of pictures of Duchess at 1yr! She is the Best! She has a couple pups her age she loves to play with..(a 3yr old pit/lab, and a GSP her same age) loves her walks, and loves people and children.  She’s doing so well and I am so thankful to have her as my companion!  She is seriously so sweet. Plays well with her dog friends, curious of everything, and genuinely excited to see people! She has a great temperament! I love her so much!

Paul W. 

Duchess is from Elodie and Elliott’s 2021 Litter


Hello Judy, Just wanted to say thank you again for our sweet Willow.  She is well loved and we couldn’t be happier with our puppy.  She’s WONDERFUL!  We truly do love our Willow. She is WONDERFUL especially with kiddos! She is so sweet tempered and we’ll behaved. She’s just an AMAZING dog! 

Thanks again, Katie 

Willow is from Remi and Tucker’s 2022 Litter


He’s a beautiful dog and so good.  He’s definitely a Mama’s Boy☺️


Hi Judy. 

Just a quick note to share Odin’s progress.  He is such a sweet boy! Everyone just loves this big lug. So happy with my big O. He makes me smile everyday! He is so smart, sweet, and devious rolled into one.  I swear he learns something new everyday.  I’ve included a link to his latest triumph.  When I got sick and was in bed, he figured out how to get back to the bedroom.  He’s definitely a momma’s boy!

I hope all is well with you and your family.  I look at the website all the time! Just can’t get enough! 

Thanks again.  I could not be more proud of and happy with O!

❤️ Jen 

Oden is from Elliott and Elodie’s 2020 Litter

I’m pregnant so he’s not allowed on my lap right now. so this is next best thing for him to do! lol 😂😂

RottChairParents are Navy and Elliott!  From the 2020 litter!!


I had to share another picture of my beautiful boy Major. From your 2/27/20 litter from Elliott and Honeyview Captain Reba “Navy”. I couldn’t be more grateful for your pup you produced!


Fabrizius Farm

Rumor (little over 2) had his debut weekend doing agility trials. He loves to work and is so smart and attentive. We had 4 qualifying runs and a title! Thank you Judy for trusting this sweet boy with me. ❤️Rumor is the class clown at training haha but he makes everyone smile and he’s entertaining to watch. I’ll try and get a video of him tomorrow at training to upload for you and Judy to see.


                       Rumor’s parents are Navy and Elliott!  from the 2020 litter!!❤️




Eli’s Easter pics @ 10 months old. He will be 11 months old this week and is almost 100% off leash reliable at home on our horse hobby farm and loves his daily “work” in the barn!

He is from Arla and Elliott’s June 2021 Litter! 


❤️ Oz from your 6/6/21 litter ❤️

Oz’s Parents are Arla and Elliott!

Hi Judy. 

Just wanted to share an update on Odin and to say hi! Hope everything is well by you! Love seeing the new litters on the ground.  Wish we could have more. Someday! 

Odin is awesomely sweet and crazy smart! He’s my big lovebug and definitely a mommy’s boy!  He’s always trying to sit on me! He’s my big bodyguard!   Love my big O ❤️ 

Odin is from Elodie and Elliott’s December 25, 2020 Litter


Hi Judy.

Just want to share with you Liam. He is 5months now.

Very intelligent pup and such a good boy. 😊

Liam is from Treal and Elliott’s 2021 Litter


Two of our Rottweiler Sisters, enjoying the outdoors!


A fun Easter Bunny Visit! 


Stormy is loving the farm dog life.  She is always on the go and fears nothing is doing great! 

Thanks, Sara  

Stormy’s parents are Colbie and Wanna Bee’s from the 2022 Litter. 

As of 4/10/22, we have one Male sibling available!!

Nala2022CNala is doing great!  Not a fan of the crate, but otherwise great!  Car ride home was easy, liked her bath and likes to explore!  

Nala’s parents are Rhea and Elliott from the 2022 Litter


Hi Judy,
I wanted to share with you a few pictures of Tucker. He is a little over 6 months now and is the absolutely best dog. So sweet and loving.      Megan 
This puppy is from Larkin and Tucker’s 2021 Litter


Harley is enjoying the good life! She is doing great!  Pickle and she are so cute together!! 

Harley’s parents are Treal and Elliott from the 2021 Litter


Hi Judy,

Hope you are doing well. we just wanted to say hello and send you a few pictures of our pup Pinot. He’s been the best dog ever. So well behaved and loving.  We may be thinking about getting a new one, if you have a male pup.  Please let us know.

Stay warm, Hazem


Hi Judy!

Tiny is adjusting really well and growing like a weed! He had his first vet appointment and he is already almost 20lbs. He is eating well and has been sleeping through the night since his second night, which is amazing. 

We are loving our little Tiny. Thanks for such a great dog!


This is a male from Treal and Elliott’s 2021 Litter  


Happy Holidays from Eddie!
Litter 2/5/20
   He’s the sweetest little dude
   Megan K.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too and your family. I can’t believe we still have our girl. She is doing well. Can you believe 11 years old!!! She has given us so much joy!!!  Samantha R.



Merry Christmas Eve Fabrizius Farm family! Have a safe and wonderfully happy holiday season! I can’t believe he will be 1 year old tomorrow.  He’s such a sweet boy! I just love my big O! 

Love,  Odin   (Jennifer M)

Elliott and Elodie’s Male that was born December 25, 2020!



Merry Christmas Mama Judy ❤️🎄

Love, Koa 

 A Female from Arla and Elliott’s June 2021 Litter


These two are inseparable!!!  We just love these sisters!!!! Thank you for all you do in raising such great bloodlines!!!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!

Ray and Beth Z


Two Full Sisters from Wanna Bee and Luna From different litters.


I want thank you for letting us be his family 9 years ago, because he was truly my best friend! I have owned dogs my whole life and we’ve owned Rotties for almost 25 years, but he is the one that connected with me on a whole different level. I have always proudly said he was my “first pick puppy” because I was crazy about making sure my deposit was first.  While his name was chosen by me and no one else in the family liked that name, they all saw the bond he and I had from day one and have said many times over the years that he was meant to be a Dozer.   I know he is at peace now, but I miss him so much!!  Anyway, I’ve kept you updated on him over the years, so I thought you should know this as well.  (A Male puppy from Caesar and Zen’s 2012 Litter)
On a lighter note, Eli (Arla & Elliott’s 6/6/21 litter) is doing great!!  He is growing like a weed and at 6 months old, already over 70 lbs.  He has passed Puppy Obedience School, even though he missed the class where they worked on waiting at the door behaviors (he passed the test on that with flying colors on first try!).  We’ll start more obedience classes after the holidays.  He also goes to a friend’s house for “puppy daycare” once every 2 weeks – she has a 3 year old Rottie & a dachshund he plays with and they love having him as part of their family for the day!  There is not a person that doesn’t meet him that is not absolutely in love with him.  I have given your information to at least 5-6 people because everyone wants him!  I could’ve sold him at least a few times too – lol.  He is BIG on personality and the tail is a real talking point!  We get stopped everywhere we go with him because people are just drawn in by that tail!  While he will never be Dozer to me, he is very much loved and is definitely helping our hearts to heal from our sudden and heartbreaking loss.
Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!  Here’s to Health & Happiness in 2022!
Happy Holidays,
Ken & Kim

Hey there Lady!

Just want to send off a quick note and commend you.
We are at 2 + months with your puppies, and we just Love Them So …..
They are smart, they are making such good progress with their manners.
We had guests the other evening, and when the guests arrived, the babies sat in salute.
Perfectly and proudly posed.
Kudos to you for how you introduced them to the world.
Hoping you and your family have a very happy Holiday!
Best, Jennifer

This family purchased three Jack Russell Siblings from Chebby and Clara’s litter.  We are excited to see some photos shortly.  Thrilled that everyone is doing well and are all happy!


 This is Izzie. She was an excellent companion, a great watchdog, and had a terrific personality! She was also the smartest dog we ever had. 

Beth D.

One of our puppy’s from our April 1, 2010 Litter!



Hi Judy,
Thought I’d send you a picture of my baby, Fred. 5 1/2 months old. He’s doing great and I love him!!

The others are doing well also…but Fred and I moved to Arizona so I don’t have recent pics of them.  


Hi Judy!

Maddux is doing great! He’s adjusting nicely and he’s learning a lot. He is so smart and sweet! 



Hi Judy,

Hope you and your family had a nice thanksgiving. Bear is such a good boy. We love him to pieces. He’s crazy but sweet. ❤️ He’s in puppy training right now. 5 weeks in. He sits and lays down on command and does great at night in his crate. Loves puppy play too!  
Larkin and Hunter’s 2021 Puppy

Hi Judy,

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you all are well. Ozzie is doing great! Growing like a weed. he is such a sweet boy and I have received so many compliments on his demeanor. ❤️😁. He loves walks and playing with the family. And he loves his crate and naps on these cold days.

Happy holidays and thank you so much for him.

We are in love.   Christina 

A Male Puppy from Eola and Hunter’s 2021 litter.



Just wanted to share a few pictures of our Choco 🤎🐕 Happy One Year Birthday!

He’s a fun pup 🐕🤎😂We adore him 🤎 Cynthia

This is a son from Eola and Hunter’s November 2020 Litter!


Hi Judy,

How are you? Hope all is well. Riot just went for his last round of puppy shots so I thought of you and wanted to give you a little update. 
First of all, he’s 45 pounds of the best little boy ever! He’s teething pretty good right now so we’ve had our fare share of outbursts but for the most part, he is such a sweet boy. 
He loves going for his daily walks and everyone in the neighborhood is in love with him. He also loves riding in the car and taking trips to Petco and getting all the pets. 
We’re still working on getting him to stop “treasure hunting” in the yard – he always carrying around sticks and mulch. And finally, we start puppy classes on the 2nd. 
We love him so much and will be forever thankful that we found Fabrizius! 
Meghan, Pat, and Riot
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Riot’s parents are Elodie and by Elliott

He believes that he is their favorite “Lap” Dog!!



This is our Peppermint Patty who is one year old on November 25th, 2021. This portrait captures her fun personality!    Theresa H.

She is one of Eola and Hunter’s daughters!



A more than fun spooky and exciting Halloween 2021!  Here are some of our pups dressed up for their families!


Hi Judy
This is Olive from Abby and Drake’s 11/1/09 litter.  She is doing great! A busy, curious, snuggly girl slowly going gray at the ripe old age of 12.  We couldn’t love her more.


Hi Judy!
Just wanted to let you know how much in love we are with our newest family member!!!  The sisters adore each other!!! Sydney welcomed Brandy right in and now they are inseparable!!!
Thanks again!
Two Full Sisters that are now best friends!  These are two full sisters by Wanna Bee and  Luna

Rott2021  I thought you’d enjoy this picture.  As you can see Raven has adjusted well and has made a new friend.  She’s quite the character – not sure why but she likes leaning on us.  She’s a sweetie!

A daughter from Elliott and Elodie’s 2021 Litter


Smarter than most people! You’ve provided the best friend for Us!

Thanks! Mark S.



I wanted to send you a recent picture of Vinnie at almost 7 months. He is 68 lbs. He loves to go for walks and runs, ice cubes, and exploring in the woods. He is loving the cooler temps and the apples falling from the trees. We love him so much.

Thank you!  Sheilah  

Vinnie’s parents are Remi and Tucker.


Judy – Here is Eli, our “Rottie with a tail” from your June 6th 2021 litter, with Dozer from Zen & Caesar’s 12/2012 litter.  I did question our sanity when we came to get our newest puppy addition because we have not done the puppy thing since getting Dozer from you almost 9 years ago. But Eli quickly won our hearts, even Dozer’s (which was a really tough sell)! He is a favorite by anyone and everyone that meets him. After 25+ years of owning Rotties, he is (so far) our easiest and most chill male Rottie puppy.  Thank you for keeping the tail on the best pup in the litter for us! 😉


Hi Judy,

Just wanted to give you a peek at how well Odin is growing up.  Such a lover with a devilish streak!  I hope all is well with you.  Jen  Odin is one of Elodie and Elliott’s sons from the 2020 Litter. 



Cyclone celebrated his 1-year birthday and completed obedience bootcamp this Summer.  He’s certainly settled into the family, and neighborhood.  He’s a loving affection pup with the heart of a gentle giant.  The bootcamp trainers mentioned how well-tempered and mannered he is; he did fantastic!  Here’s a picture of him with his trainer; imagine you get lots of pics of your pups.  Best wishes; thanks again for adding this special guy to our family.

Heath H.  Cyclone is one of Treal and Elliott’s sons from the 2020 litter.


He’s doing great! Smart guy, catching on quick. 😃 Peggy

A Male pup from Elliott and Arla’s litter.









Squiggles, the Best Ring Bearer around!


Three of our puppies going home with this family!




One of Prim and Hunter’s 2021 Daughters enjoying their new family!


Hello Judy!

I hope you’re doing well. Our little guy is doing great! Potty training has been a breeze with him. He’s had hardly any accidents in the house. He does great on walks, we take him every day as long as it’s not to hot outside. We have also started him in training. We’re also working on socialization with other people and dogs, so we’ve started taking him to the dog. He absolutely loves it! 


This is one of Rebel and Elliott’s sons from our 2020 Litter!


We just celebrated Biggie’s one year birthday. He is the sweetest boy and the four legged love of my life! Thank you so much! 

This is one of Prim and Hunter’s daughters from their 2020 Litter.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is patty.jpg


Patty is a very affectionate and rambunctious puppy.  She is very social and gets along with other dogs and her big sister Sally.  Hope all is good with you and the farm.

Take care, Theresa 



Hi Judy,

I just thought I’d send you some pictures of Frank and Nesta. They are the most wonderful dogs. So trainable, both excelled at training (Nesta is canine good citizen trained) and both are such great family pets.


Hi Judy,
Just wanted to send an update on Odin. He is doing so well. He graduated puppy class last night. He is such a lover. He’s growing like a weed. Last visit was 2 weeks ago and he weighed in at 40 pounds. 
Hope all is well,  Jen 


He’s amazing with my 6 year old and has already taken to the livestock. He has one cow that he is obsessed with. He’s super smart- knows sit, lay down, stay, roll over, spin, speak…Loves other dogs and humans. Snuggly! Honestly he’s been such a great addition and him and my other dog Jamie (the black one in the pic with him) are attached at the hip. He loves the lake, River…car rides are still a bit rough but we’re getting there.    Angela G.


Good morning Judy!
I just wanted to give a little update on Aspen. He is the best dog I could have asked for and everyone he meets loves him! He is getting so handsome and is even smarter than i could have imagined! He is perfect with other animals and people, and has so many friends he plays with everyday. 
Thank you so much again! Alexa
Hi Judy- We are loving this little bundle of joy! He is so smart and thinks he is one of the big dogs. Brody is still a bit disinterested in him but Charlie is his BFF. They are peas and carrots. All was good with his vet visit. He is gaining!
Hannah with her dogs.
Two Rottweilers that are making their family smile!
This is a daughter of Remi and Tucker.

Hi Judy,
Happy new year! I wanted to send a note to say that our girl Kaia is such a heartbreaker and we love her so much. Here are a few photos from the first 5 months of her life.  I hope you and your family are well.
Sincerely, Martina
Hello Judy,
Just thought I would send a little 6 month update on Bella.
She is doing so good – we are so happy that she is part of our family!!
She just finished with basic training at Woofbeach and she excelled! She will be starting the off leash training just after the new year! She is a 57 pound cuddly, bundle of joy!
Hope you have a Happy Holiday!!
Eddie, Amy and Bella
Good morning Judy and Merry Christmas.
We have named our little guy Blaze. Blaze is doing very well. He is very smart knows how to sit already and follows my other dog to go to the bathroom outside. He even knows how to bring the ball back when we play ball. And very vocal also when he wants something. He is just so adorable.
I lucked out with Finnegan. I could not ask for a more sweet, outgoing, playful, smart and goofy puppy. He is the perfect balance of wanting to play off energy by chasing after a ball and staying in and falling asleep on your lap.
Sara F.
Season’s Greetings!
Rocky (Yellow Lab, born April, 15, 2020) has been with us since June and is the best addition to our family! We wanted to say “Thank You” again, and to let you know he is a happy, healthy pup.
Happy Holiday!!
The Morans
Two of our beautiful Aussie dogs that are wonderful Farm and Family dogs! Full siblings, three years apart!
Brody, our 9 year old boy from Fabrizius Farm, is still a swimming and toy duck retrieving machine. He is a non-stop source of joy for our family!

We love you Momma Judy!
We enjoyed a lovely hike on our property today.
Wishing you and family a Wonderful Thanksgiving.
Hi Judy!
I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy.
We just wanted to send you a quick update on our beautiful girl, Shelby. She is doing so well! She got 2nd place in her basic obedience class (she was the youngest pup in the class)!! She loves to be worked and playing fetch. We are absolutely in love with her.
Have an excellent Thanksgiving!
Amanda, Tommy, and Shelby

Joey and Maggie have been a crazy ride that I would not trade the world for. Very loyal and hard working. They always are willing to play, but love to snuggle in your blanket and watch TV! Could not imagine my life without them.
Mary S.
Here is one of Wanna Bee and Luna’s daughters. Being loved by her new family and is a real sweetheart.
Zayda and Mala on the top of Wolf Mountain.
Wolf Mountain is in the Ottawa National Forest Michigan. Just a short drive from our home in Winchester Wisconsin. Mother Nature is just beaming. Blessed to call this wonderful place on Earth Home
Sending Love and Positive energy from our home to yours.

Hope all is well with you and the family! This beauty is 6 months old today. She is fully potty trained, invisible fence trained and crate trained for the very rare times she has to be alone. She loves Jeep rides, long walks, playing frisbee and early mornings!
We are so thankful for the pure joy she brings us everyday!

One of Hadley and Wanna Bee’s 2020 Puppies
Hey Judy!
Just wanted to give you an update on Scout! We absolutely LOVE her. She’s been such a great fit for our little family! She loves everyone she meets. Every time we go on a walk or hike she wants to play with everyone and gets so sad when they walk or run away. We brought her around our 1.5 year old niece and she was so gentle and nice with her! She’s an awesome puppy, and listens to us 95% of the time! She’s almost completely potty trained too, just a few accidents every once in a while. I’ve attached some of my favorite pictures since we’ve gotten her! One is a picture of when we got her compared to just the other day (she’s grown SO much already!) and the one of her wet is from our morning hikes where she runs in an out of the grass because its cold and wet, haha!
Thanks,  Aubrie & Jake
Not so little anymore! He is doing great and we all love him so much!
Dimitra A.
This is one of Elliott and Navy’s sons at five months of age!!
Mito is only 11 weeks old and he already displays the characteristics of a Jack Russell. He is silly, energetic, inquisitive and very persistent. Everything I expected him to be. He is such a sweet and loving little boy who is so silly when he growls and barks at his toys when he is playing. He is so relentless and strong that he continues to surprise me when me drags his toy box across the living room and carries toys twice the size of him. He knew his name by his second day home and is currently learning how to not chew on rugs, clothes and to not bit. Potty training is going pretty well. He knows he has to go to the bathroom when we goes outside but doesn’t quite understand that he needs to alert us when he needs to go. I have wanted a Jack Russell terrier for many years and I am soo happy that I was finally able to find and have one. Thank you soo much Judy for this wonderful and stubborn little boy.
Lauren E.
Good morning Judy,
Hope all is well, it has been almost 2 years since we got Pinot, our awesome Jack Russell from you!!
He is Great !
Hey Judy!
Just thought Id give you an update on how Rumor is doing. He is 12 weeks old today and growing like a weed! It’s amazing to watch him grow from day to day.
Rumor is such a sweetheart. He has met a few of the neighborhood dogs and is such a good boy about it. He wiggles his little butt every time he sees another human, hoping they will come up and pet him. Over Mothers Day weekend, we took a car ride up to my aunts and my cousin was there with her 3 year old and 6 month old children. Rumor was very well behaved and was very gentle with the kids. Of course, he and the kids were never out of our sight.
Rumor isn’t fond of baths, but likes to jump in the shower while I’m in it. He doesn’t like to let me out of his sight.
We are hoping with the next phase of the state reopening we can start going to agility for more socialization. I will be starting him with the next puppy agility class when it begins. Rumor knows how to sit, down, wait, go kennel, touch (his nose touches my hand), and we are working on our circles and spot for when we start agility.
We go for short walks around the block, and he is usually walking right next to me, no pulling.
Thank you so much for allowing me to make him part of my family.
Enjoy the pictures!
Best, Brittany

Hi Judy,
Just wanted to let you know our puppy “Mayhem” is doing amazing. She is adapting well and we absolutely love her. Our little girl is adjusting well. Her potting training is going AMAZING, we couldn’t be happier with her. We named her Mayhem and it suits her little attitude.
Thanks again, Donnell

She is a big baby and as you can see pretty spoiled!
We love her so much!!
Kelly B.

Hi Judy,
Just sending a few updated photos of Eddie. He’s so awesome. Highly motivated to train (loves his treats). Loves naps and snuggling. Super affectionate. His red color is really showing, I get so many compliments on him.
Thank you for sharing him with me!
Megs and Eddie
Hi Judy,
I’ve been meaning to send you a photo of “Koda Reese” for years! She turned 10 this year!
She been the best family member and in excellent health. We love her so much!
Here she is today!
Tara Z.
It has been here 1 month today! In that time, she has grown from 13 lbs to 21.2 lbs. She has finally mastered walking down the stairs and we’ve taught her a few commands. She has been such a joy and blessing to us!
A daughter from Franny and Hunter.
This two year old little Man, loves his Buddy!

Theodore is one of Clara and Chebby’s sons. He loves his new home!
Here is Django, one of Elliott and Emma’s sons. He tips the scale at 165 lbs! He loves being a lap dog!!

I hope is well – Samantha is entering her 12th year in 2020! She is in good health and still has tons of energy !!! Thank you so much for bringing her into our family.
Happy 3rd Birthday Keira. You definitely run the House! Would not have it any other way!!
Hi Judy!
I thought I’d send you an update and some pics. Mini is doing fantastic. She has fit in to our family perfectly. She loves her big sister, Dixie (13 year old German short hair) who keeps up with her. They play all the time. She weighs 7lbs, 3oz with a healthy bill of health. We finished one session of training and are planning on continuing until???? She’s super smart, a snuggle bug and FIERCELY strong willed lol! A typical Jack russell. My husband laughs cause I’m constantly telling her, ” I’m the boss!” Anyway, we just love her to pieces.
I hope your holidays were as fun as ours with our newest addition.

Carl has been everything we could have possibly wanted in a dog. He is very smart, kind and loving. He picks up on things very quickly, which I believe reflects strongly on his breeder. We knew he was the puppy we wanted to take home right when we met him at the farm. When it came to the actual purchase process, Fabrizius Farm was absolutely fantastic and made it an easy process. I would 100% recommend them when looking for a pup!
Two of our Rottweiler puppies and a Wonderful Friend that love the Holidays!!
Hi Judy,
Hope all is well with you during this Holiday season. Please see the attached photo of our Ripley. She is playing in the paddock with her pal Winston. We got Ripley from you back in Sept of 2017. She was from a August litter of Marge and Tucker. She is absolutely awesome and she could not be loved more. She is a great farm dog and is friends with the horses, the chicken and the cat. We are thinking that it is time for her to have a little sister. We are looking for another female Chocolate Lab. Would you have any available in April/May of 2020? Please let us know.
Merry Christmas
Jim H.
Merry Christmas!
Thank you for this wonderful gift!!
S. H.
Remi is still a super spoiled and very loved puppy!! She is such a well behaved and loyal puppy. We love her so much!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family!!

Hi Judy –
I thought you’d love to see how the pups have grown over the past year into some beautiful “big boys”.
This is the pic used for my holiday card this year.
Jamie S.

Nesta (3.5 years old) is an absolute delight. She passed her canine good citizen test with flying colors. She adores kids and is so gentle and loving. She also loves to swim and run and she tries to hunt anything that moves. She has been an amazing addition to our family! We cannot wait for another lab addition from Fabrizius Farm.

Jesse really is a great dog and fits right in here. Jesse has been to the Blessing of the Animals, cheered us on at our affiliate finals in Lincoln (great traveler and fits in the living quarters easily) and is so smart! Jesse comes, sits, lies down and is working on her stays. Healing is a challenge because this little one so little and quick but she does walk nicely on the leash.
Happy 4th Birthday Sweetheart! You make us proud!
Hi Judy,
Hope all is well. Just thought I would share with you that Stubby is still a sweet little boy. He is six months old now and thirteen pounds. He is super cuddly and of course, energetic, and can catch a Frisbee and retrieve a ball.
He even listens to and obeys commands. All the kids in the neighborhood love him and he gets along very well with the small paws at the daycare/boarding out here in Tennessee. He even escaped to the baseball field during my sons game and got to the ball before the fielder. I am holding his leash much tighter now.
Here are a couple pics of Stubby. Yes, he can jump that fence easily now, but hell still does his business in the pen, and likes to sun himself in the empty pool. Were also discussing a fence.
He even got a blessing from our priest!
Cheers, Anne P.

This little girl wanted a Rottweiler puppy so bad, that even her drawings included their future puppy. The two sisters were finally given their puppy! Smiles and happiness!! This is what is it all about!!
Hi Judy,
I hope you had a good summer and the school year is starting off well.
Pippen and I had an awesome summer together. Around June Pippen seemed to shed his puppy attitude and adopt a I’m a good doggie personality. Pippen has become super affectionate not only towards me but EVERYONE! His favorite thing to do at the dog park is run around and jump into the laps of unsuspecting people and give them kisses much to their delight.
Pippen loves to go hiking. When it is safe I let him off the lead and he runs ahead a bit, but always stops and waits for me. In the park behind my house he has quite the fan club as the fastest dog in town when he plays “Chuck It Ball.” There can be kids at the playground, people playing tennis and other dogs barking and he dutifully retrieves the ball and returns it to me immediately.
I just wanted to give you a report. All I’ve really done is just spend a lot of time with him this last year. He learned sit, down, come quickly and has learned to watch my face for behavior clues. He knows the name of all his toys and brings them to me by name. He is a keen fellow and I couldn’t be happier.
Thank you for such a nice JRT.
All the best, Pam W.
Xena is a 2018 daughter of Elliott and Rebel. This is my pup Xena from Fabrizius Farm. She is my love ! My husband and I picked her up at 8 weeks. In this pic she is 7 mo. old. These pups of Judy’s are big boned and solid ! Their coats are soft and glossy. Impressive pedigrees. If you want to know their parents, grandparents pretty easy to find. All on the web site. Try finding that out thru another breeder… I highly recommend these pups. Clean and up front too. Raymond, IA.
Hulk is doing well, he is sooo smart and mature for his age. We love him dearly. And he is getting along really well with my rescue pit. I hope you enjoy the pics!
Hulk lives in New York with his loving family!
I just wanted to send an update on our Baby. She is doing very well….especially at eating. She loves to eat. She’s definitely my dog out of us humans. This is one of the few times I got her off my lap….she usually sits on me if I sit down. She knows all of the commands including kissy and she will lick me on command. Im working on
un-caging her. Up until now she has slept in her cage at night. My Rottweiler mix who is the old lady of the dogs sleeps on the couch at night and the hound mix who is a few months older than baby still sleeps in his cage because he chews things up. Well anyway, two nights ago I let her just go wherever she wanted in our entire house. I figured shed sleep next to the other dog. Next thing I know she makes herself at home in my bed and snuggled up to me so I was holding her. She’s such a good girl and Adorable as can be. I’m going to have to see if I still have a picture of her being naughty. Even when she is naughty its hard to be mad at her. You will laugh when I find that other one. Have you heard from her sisters and brothers? We got baby from the rebel litter. Actually we named her Baby Rebel because I loved the name Rebel but didn’t want to call her junior after her dad Elliott. Lol.

Check out this YouTube Video of the same dog.
Hi Judy,
This is Shawn, my wife Shari and I bought our amazing Rottweiler from you back in July of 2017.  Dude was the biggest of the male puppies from the litter of Elliot & Albee born June 15th around Fathers Day 2017.
Dude is the smartest, most amazing dog we could have ever asked for. Dude learns new skills in a day easy, he knows countless skills to the point that we are running out of things to teach him. He has grown MUCH bigger than we ever expected he would too. He is only 19 months old and weights in at 152 pounds!! The crazy part is none of that is fat outside of what a Rottweiler would normally carry. Dude is just a BIG dog! Haha
It is crazy to see complete strangers walk right up to Dude and ask if they can pet him, normally a dog that size would scare people away. I guess it is just because he is so well behaved and so well mannered, that he just seems very approachable? We of course also have the opposite occur, people who cross the street when they see us walking him, we have even had people taking pictures of him from across the street and pointing because of how big he is. Everyone who has ever asked us about him says he is the biggest Rottweiler they have ever seen. We agree with that also! I told Shari that Dude would probably only get to 110 pounds max. lol
New Video!
Here is a cute video from a family that has two siblings sisters from different litters. Here is their video along with their comments.
Hey Judy,
We just wanted to give you a quick update. We picked up our puppy Mocha in December 2018. She is now 13 weeks old. She is doing great! Our 8 year old, Hershey (Nias daughter) had quite the adjustment! After that, they have become little buddies. Mocha took less than two weeks to be fully potty trained and is sleeping through the night. She definitely is a little rascal and keeping us on our toes. This kids are doing great with her as well. I attached a quick video so you can see how she is doing with her training after just a few weeks (at 13 weeks old). She got back from the vet with her second round of vaccinations, and she is a crowd favorite with all the doctors. Thanks again for such great dogs.
We love hearing about the puppies we have produced in the past. Here are some photos and stories of loved puppies and their new lives. We added this to our website on April 10, 2007.
Please like us on Facebook!
We can’t believe that it’s been 9 years already. Our Cola who came from Hersey’s Drago and Abigail Von Saenz is doing very well. She still acts as if she’s 2 and we couldn’t be happier with her.
Thanks again!
These two brothers now will grow up together!! These are two males from Franny and Tucker’s litter.
These two full siblings are already best friends!!
Hello Judy,
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
Pippen, as you can clearly see, is absolutely adorable. He and I have so much fun together hiking and just loving life together.
“Jacks” are quite a handful and he is no exception. But, everyday he gets one puppy paw better moving towards being a solid citizen. His level of energy is more than any I’ve seen. But, that was to be expected. I love him to death 97% of the time 😉
Hope you and all of your animals are well and enjoying Mr. Sunshine this weekend.
Pam & Pippen
Hi Judy-
Roxy is doing great. She weighs 103 lbs! We just love her and she is quite the protector.
Last Christmas our hearts were broken when we had to put down Nala our yellow lab. About a month later we decided we were ready for a new puppy. We have always had labs in the past but this time we wanted to try something different. We discussed it as a family and decided we would try it Rottweiler. We have known Judy Fabrizius for a long time and know the quality of her dogs so we contacted her. Fortunately she had a litter that was on its way. In April 2018 we got our puppy Django. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is playful, loving, loyal and thinks he is a lap dog. We are so happy that we chose a Rottweiler, he is such a good fit for our family.

Good Morning Judy,
Hi, I just wanted to send over an email with some pictures of our handsome pup!
Oliver has been absolutely amazing.
Only a few accidents in the house, he’s so incredibly smart and playful. He’s amazing with kids, he doesn’t chew. He’s truly an amazing pup dog! He’s such a good good good boy!!!
Thank you so much for such An amazing dog!!
I attached lots of pictures of what we have been up too! Oliver loves kayaking and swimming, he loves rolling around in the grass and playing frisbee! He’s so incredibly fast!! He trained so quickly and so well. He’s even begun learning the names of some of his toys. His absolute favorite is a duck with two squeakers, when they squeak he cries back to them! Along with the pictures I attached some very cute videos of him just being goofy in bed, and him crying to his toys!
Thank a ton Judy! You guys are the absolute best. We get so many compliments and get stopped everywhere about how handsome he is and we never stop recommending you guys are breeders!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
This is a puppy from Jade and Wanna Bee, our miniature Australian Shepherd dogs.
Ava is doing great, here’s her puppy class graduation photo.
Ava is a daughter from Ember and Hunter! We are so proud of Ava and her new owners!!
Kona – 10 1/2 weeks 🙂
She is such a funny, sweet, pretty chill little girl! We LOOOOVE HER! She knows how to: sit, come, take food, nice , no, go potty, no whine, and of course her name:))) So glad you had this litter, and we found you at the time we were looking for this puppy! Thanks again:))
Dede 🙂
This is a puppy from Jade and Wanna Bee, our miniature Australian Shepherd dogs.
Hi Judy,
Boomer is the biggest fun filled sweet well behaved puppy ever!! I couldn’t love him more !!!! Thank you soo much. I would not get a Rottie from anyone else. I could not love him more. My kids think I love him more than them. Haha. He has such a huge personality!! Such enormous joy he brings to our family.
Thanks, Cindy
I purchased Bryzzo in June 2017 and could not have been happier with my decision to add him to our family. Bryzzo is very intelligent and has been very easy to train. He is a working dog and views training as a job. He loves being around and playing with other dogs. He is extremely friendly but not only with other dogs, with people too. He has been around infants and young children with no problems. He is gentle, kind, and loving. He also never runs out of energy while playing. Bryzzo will fetch until his legs collapse underneath him from exhaustion. He loves to accompany me on long walks and hilly hikes. My favorite thing though about Bryzzo is loyalty and obedience to me. He follows me when I walk, sits when I sit, and awaits my return if I leave. We can play fetch and have 50 yards between us and he still comes back to me on command. He truly has become my best friend. If youre looking for a loving, loyal, gentle, and playful companion, I suggest you look into buying a Miniature Australian Shepard like Bryzzo.
Thanks, Zach
Hi Judy,
Hope all is well with you . We just wanted to send you an update on the puppy we purchased in August 2017. Bindi is thriving. She has a wonderful personality and is extremely smart . We can not thank you enough . She fits right in with our family . We love her to the moon and back . I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a puppy. Thank you again. Happiest of Holidays to you and your family.
Sincerely, The Millers
Dear Judy,
Our beautiful Maggie is a great girl. What a blessing she has been. She loves her walks, tennis balls, soccer balls, sand box, long leads in the field, rawhides, love, snuggles and the whole family together. We just love her to pieces. Our pack is complete. Thank you so much!
Love, Katy, Brenden, & Boys
What else do you do on a beautiful Fall weekend! Enjoy and play!!



Hi Judy,
Our daughter Martha purchased a puppy who I believe was from a litter brought from by Hunter & Hannah.
Anyway what a great addition she is to our family. We named her Millie and she has grown a bit from when we brought her home in March. I’ve attached some pics for you all of her in case you’re interested. We take her everywhere; to the local dog parks, to Lake Michigan dog beaches, for car rides and also long walks in the neighborhood.
We love having Millie. She is well tempered, behaves well and just wants to be everybody’s friend. You and your website have been recommended to several people we know. I’m sure others with your pups love them as much as we love ours.
Thank you again and keep up the great work!
Kurt, Mary and Martha

Hi Judy,
Hope you are enjoying your Summer. Leo graduated from his training class last week with the top score of 198 out of 200! The instructor said Eric is doing a fabulous job with him. Attached are a couple pictures of the boys with their trophy, as well as a nice one of them celebrating father’s day!
Have a great evening.
Annette M.

Hello Aunt Judy,
It’s been awhile, but just checking in. I am doing awesome. I am almost 2.5 yrs old and just had a wellness exam – 95 lbs on the dot.
Hope you well and check back with u later.
Thanks, George
Tracer’s parents are Hannah and Hunter.

Tracer is 3 months old. Doing really well. So happy to have her in the family.
Dave, Adrien, Anna, Molly and “Tracer”
Tracer is 6 months now. Sure! We are moving to a house with lots more land- 10 acres for him to play on and go hunting.
We are so glad we found him!!
One of Hannah and Hunter’s puppies went to Colorado. He is doing well and enjoying his new home.
This is our Gemma, we picked her out from you July 2013. This is a pic of her first time camping, she loved it. She is the most loving dog I ever had. We would love to get another baby from you when the time comes.
Thank you! Mocha has filled our life with joy and comfort.
Mike and Jo
The girls are doing great together. Ivy weighed in at 75# Friday and we’re still a week shy of 8 months old. She is a cuddle bug, both with me and Sadie.
Hi Judy
Hard to believe, but a year ago today we got to meet our puppy Grace for the first time before taking her home. She’s just been the best puppy ever, so sweet, cuddly, energetic and cute. She’s perfect and we love her so much. Thank you for our best puppy ever.
-Bevin and Will
A beautiful Christmas card we received this year!
We wanted to send you a holiday photo of LUCYS puppy we purchased from you. We named her Shawnee. She is an absolute delight. She loves everyone, is super sweet. She knows several tricks and loves her treats.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Eisch family.
Hey Judy,
We just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Rosey is doing well. She loves playing in the snow and the kids are still trying to teach her new tricks. Have a happy holiday.
The Billingsley’s
Hi Judy,
I just wanted to share a picture of our Yogi we got from you July 4th, 2015.
He is the best dog we have ever had!

Merry Christmas!

Hey Judy, Just wanted to say I have so many people stop to ask what breed our beautiful puppy is. The fox red lab throws them off for sure. We are enjoying Nesta immensely. She is such a sweet and loving girl. She adores our two kids and they constantly play and wrestle with her. Thanks again for giving us such a great dog.
Hey, I just want you to know Dany is a wonderful addition to our family:). Liam, our young son and Dany cuddle and play all the time. I took this pic of her just now. Dani is one of Jade and Wanna Bee’s daughters who was born in July of 2016.
Here are the two sisters, Ether and Lucy. They live right down the road from us and it is neat seeing them grow up!
Hi Judy — hope this find you all well. Where has the time gone! The puppies are almost a year old! Leo is doing fabulous — growing by leaps and bounds! He is a big lover and a very, very good boy. LOL
Here’s an updated picture for you to enjoy. Take care!
Amy H.
This is one of Ember and Hunter’s puppies!
Hi Judy!
Just wanted to send you a few recent pics of Nesta. She has entered the insanely mouthy party of puppyhood, but we still love her!!! She’s so smart and doing so well in puppy class. She can sit and lie down and come and she doesn’t mind having her toenails clipped.
She is obsessed with other dogs and has found some great playmates.
Thanks again! We adore her.
Dear Judy,
Here is Our little dog named Jack! He was born January 7, 2014!
Is just about to go on the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Morris, Illinois.
As you can see his smile is from ear to ear! That is how his ‘fun-meter’ is pegged!
Thanks again for such a nice addition to our Family!
Mark & Lisa
Morris, IL

Hey! I’ve been meaning to email you this week. Uma is doing great! She was potty trained in 10 days! She loves our German Shepherd and our son Rowan. They are all so funny together. We just adore her! Thanks Judy!
Here Mala gets the jump on her older sister Zayda with who gets to ride on the sled first!!
Hello Judy & Family,
Another year has gone by since we have updated you on our precious Rottie boy, Hoover’s Dozer, affectionately known to us as “Dozer”
He turned 3 on December 4th – a male pup from Zen & Caesar’s Dec 4, 2012 litter.
Time sure does fly right on by. Dozer remains his mommy’s sunshine through it all!! He still has his many “puppy” moments where he forgets what listening means, but he is finally starting to take direction and commands from other family members (not just his mom). He also still remains the happiest Rottie we have ever owned, and his mom calls him the King of Smiles.
Here is a recent pictures for you, including Dozer’s new favorite hobby of snowmobiling! Yes, if you look closely you will see that he is actually riding on the snowmobile. He also loves to run after it, as most dogs do, but his absolute favorite part is when he gets to climb on it and go for a snowmobile ride with his dad! 🙂
We wish you a very Merry Christmas, and much health and happiness in 2016!!
The Hoover Family

Hello there! We hope you are doing well and you and your family are ready to enjoy Thanksgiving together this week. I just wanted to share what we’ve been up to with Trevi this past month!
We are having so much fun having Trevi in our family. He is really laid back, lovable and very smart. He has already graduated from “Puppy Training” class and I’ve enrolled us in “Intermediate” basic training starting in December! He is a “celebrity” everywhere we go, and I sing your praises when they ask me where I got him. Most days, Trevi and I walk to pick the boys up at school, where most of the school children and the local crossing guard know him by heart. When he’s not playing with kids in the backyard, we have walking paths with lakes and streams and he just loves running in the water when we go on long walks. He sleeps through the night in his crate, is mostly potty trained, and has not destroyed any furniture…………..that is success in my book!
I thought I would share some recent photos of him playing in the snow with my boys. Just wanted to keep you updated and informed, thanks again for providing us with the best dog in the world!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Zac and Zoe are getting ready for the holidays!! Too cute! Thank you for the photos!!
Enzo just turned 3 on November 5, 2015, whelped from Ceasar and Gloria. Here he is with our daughters two Great Danes. If people think dogs cannot reason, think on their own and do not have feelings they must not have met a fur baby from Fabrizius Farms. Enzo continues to be the best most lovable awesome dog we could have possibly hoped for to be a part of our family.

November 18, 2015
Hey there!
Thought I’d say hi! Zac and Zoe are doing awesome!! Zoe is 3.5 and Zac just turned 3! These two are the best Rotts ever! So sweet and great with kids and other dogs too. They go to day camp twice a week and play with all size dogs! The photo by tree is Zoe, isn’t she gorgeous! She was from Reese’s litter.
Hope you are well and liked the pictures.


Here is Smokey! Turns 1 November 29, 2015! He’s a special dog! Just wanted to send you some updated pictures! Last we checked he was 100lbs! Still growing!
Thanks, The Justen Family

Hi Judy, wanted to send you some updates on Shandy. She’s about 95% house trained, has learned to bark at the door, and has mastered 2 commands from just working with her at home. She is also a fabulous walker! We have started walking her without a leash and she is so good! Our vet has had nothing but good things to say about her and she is SUCH a good girl! I had a question for you, I have some family that live in Arizona and are looking to get a lab. I was wondering if you had any contacts out there that I could refer them to?
Take care, Jen
Hi Judy
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Sparty. He is doing great
and spoiled and loved dearly! He just completed a bootcamp training program and
is now training for our invisible fence. He is extremely smart but stubborn too!
He currently weighs 51 lbs!
We love him!
Thanks! Kim N.

Hi Judy
This is Lambeau born May 20 th 2012 to Reese and Caesar…she turns 3 this year….she is the love of our life and the lives of many.
At age one she qualified for Therapy Dogs International.
She visits schools as a reading dog , assisted living facilities, libraries and is soon to visit a veterans facility…she is the friendliest most loving dog ever …
I have worked hard in the area of discipline and performing many extra tricks….
I’m sure you hear many good stories about your dogs &
I just wanted to share one more.
This picture is one of many school kids that read to her they love her.
Thank you for giving us such a beautiful girl.
Patsy F.
Congratulations to these two beauties on winning these awards! Maggie passed her canine good citizenship test and Joey was first in his class at another barn hunt trial. Great job Mary on their training! We are proud of all three of you!
Hi Judy,
My name is Julie. In 2001, we brought home a chocolate lab (born on April 21st, 2001) from your farm that my husband and I named Zoey. Zoey was our first baby and a part of our family. We have since had 2 children a boy and a girl that are now 11 and 8.
Zoey was with us for 14 years and she just left recently. We are heartbroken but grateful for the many years that we had with her. We were so blessed, she was the best dog ever! We loved her so very much. I attached a few recent pictures here of Zoey.
I was on your website today and see that you currently are not expecting a litter. Will you let me know when you would anticipate another Chocolate litter? Our home needs a puppy to love and we would love to get another from your family.
Thank you,

Hi Judy,
I got my Rottie from you 4 years ago today. She is just a wonderful dog!
She is a lover not a fighter and definitely a giant lap dog.
She is a great family dog. She is also an awesome bird dog.
I take her with me on my birding adventures and she has spotted
owls, hawks and other great birds. She found me my first Barred owl and Broad-winged Hawk!
So today, I just want to say thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.
I attached a photo of her with an Osage Orange in her mouth.
Sincerely, Barb V.
Dozer (born 12-4-12) asked us to send you a message wishing you a very Merry
Christmas & Happy New Year! Here he is in November 2014 & just last week
cuddled up with his mom by the Christmas tree.
Dozer turned 2 years old less than 2 weeks ago, and I cannot imagine how we ever lived without him in our home. He is the happiest Rottweiler we have ever
owned! He loves everyone he meets & loves to play, play, play. He is very much loved by us all, but he is still very much a momma’s boy and there is no place he’d rather be than cuddled with his mom (his mom agrees!)!
Thank you again for our beautiful boy!
-Kim & family.
Hi Judy � wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know Nikita is doing great, and we just love her�.hope things are well with you.
Heres a recent picture of her and the girls! Our Christmas photo�.
Take care,
We all would like to thank you again, we are our in love with our Piccolo! He has met all the kids and grandkids. We had the first bath at his home,learned warm blankets are great and loves his cage. We went to our oldest grandsons football game, and a trip to our family cottage in Wisconsin! He is a fast little puppy, our youngest calls him a Ninja!
Thank you so much!
As a first time dog owners I cannot express how happy we are!! His bath went really well. After we took him to show him off to some friends and then to bed. He let us know at 5:30 this morning that he wanted to go out. LOL!! He seems to like his crate and his new toys!! My wife and I want to thank you so much for this.
Thank you,
Jason & Carol
This is our girl Lola whom we purchased from you. She was born 11/21/2010. Just wanted you to know she’s doing great! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. She’s such a cuddler.
It is hard to believe that Rufus is almost one year old. He wanted to wish his Mother a Happy Mother’s Day!!
Dear Judy,
This year, March 1st marks the 7th birthday of our chocolate lab Cooper. As I do every year, I think of Fabrizius Farms and our spectacular experience with you all as we met your dogs Sugar and Buddy, and picked our sweet puppy to take home. If I remember correctly, he was one of eight males in his litter!
Not quite sure how that was seven years ago, time sure flies. Cooper is such a great dog. We live in the city, but he has an active and healthy life. A 15 acre park is just one block away and he loves it, along with lake vacations and beach time here in Chicago. However, we’ve also brought home three babies in the last few years, who I’m sure are making him go grey. 🙂 He is a sweet boy, sometimes a bit neurotic – but a puppy at heart!

I’ve attached two pictures for you, one of my husband (with Cooper) and me at your farm, and one of Coops today.
I hope this finds you and your family doing well and expecting some springtime puppies!
Maggie and Chris S.
We celebrated Enzo’s first birthday recently. At one year old he is amazingly calm patient and attentive. He has yet to meet a cat, dog, adult or child that he doesn’t just love. He is registered as a national service dog so he travels with us regularly and we make sure to brag on his breeder.
It is almost unbelievable to say but Enzo is becoming more loving calm and
gentle the older he gets. This dog is amazing and I know most owners think so of their own dog but Enzo is special. Everywhere we go he accepts love from all
ages and is the center of attention. We are so in love with our boy.
Just relaxing in the couch!

The cutest pair ever!!

Today DOZER is officially 4 months old. Here are a few pictures of him for you. He is doing great in his puppy manners class, loves & is loved by everyone he meets, does great at the vet, loves going to the horse barn nightly, loves playing outside & LOVES his bones!! He is growing leaps and bounds, weighing in at almost 45 lbs., but he is still a mama’s boy!! 🙂
Hope all is well with you!!
Thanks again!
Ken & Kim
Hi Judy! We purchased these two girls from you in December of 2012. In this picture, Rigby is on the left and Demi is on the right. Rigby is at a whopping 40lbs and Demi is 35. The girls are pretty well potty trained and they know how to sit,stay, and lay down! They keep us on our toes but overall they’re great girls! Thank you so much for blessing us with our new additions to our family.
Hi Judy! We purchased these two girls from you in December of 2012. In this picture, Rigby is on the left and Demi is on the right. Rigby is at a whopping 40lbs and Demi is 35. The girls are pretty well potty trained and they know how to sit,stay, and lay down! They keep us on our toes but overall they’re great girls! Thank you so much for blessing us with our new additions to our family.
Louis is doing great, he is hell on wheels of coarse (LOL) but we love him madly! He is a big baby (pushing 60lbs already!), he likes to lay in between us in bed and have his belly rubbed. He spoons with me and he lays his head on my shoulder or on my pillow!!! He’s only a little spoiled! Thank you so much for breeding these beautiful best friends!!! Catie
Bear is a great addition to our family, he is beautiful and very affectionate. Although he is under the impression that he is a little lap dog! 🙂

This is one of Sadie and Tanner’s daughters.

I bought a precious Yellow Labrador puppy from you a about 2 years ago and since then have received so many compliments on him! I thought I would shoot an email over to say hello! I’ve attached a few pictures of him now. He was from an October 2011 litter. I believe he was born October 20th and he is just a littler over 2 years now. I have nothing but good things to say about him. A good looking healthy happy boy we have!! Thanks again and hope all is well. Jamie
I can’t say thanks enough for our loving Rot Enzo. He has brought so much laughter and joy to our family. He is very smart and sweet! At 12 weeks he follows commands “sit, down, stay, and come.” He is potty trained, and has such good manners in public. Here is a picture of him when we stayed at the Cheshire Inn, St. Louis. The staff and guests loved him.
Enzo’s parents are Gloria and Caesar.
This is the only way to go.
Zoe at 8 months old.
Zac and 3 months old.
This is ZoeBella at 8 months old with my 8 year old nephew. Zoe’s parents are
Reese and Ceasar. She is such a good girl, extremely smart, you teach her
something one time and she never forgets it. She is so well trained and we
haven’t even started anything formal. She loves my 2 nephews and is so gentle
with them, and she is great with her 3 month old buddy Zac, my second Rottie I
got from Fabrizius Farm. Both fantastic very smart dogs, 2 of the best I have
ever have! Thanks for breeding such great dogs.
Here is a very sweet One Year Old Birthday photo of Ella and Murray’s son!!
Happy Birthday Jonesy!
This is Luna, one of Ella’s 2012 daughters.
Here is one of Caesar and Mya’s daughters Carly at 8 months old who lives in Bismarck, ND.
Congrats to Kadi for receiving her award!!
Norco, who is one of Zen and Caesar’s sons. He is nine weeks old in this photo.

TeaJai is so smart! At almost 11 weeks of age, she already knows how to sit, stay, come, lie down! She went to the back door to tell me she had to go out for the first time tonight! I really stink at training so believe me she catches on so fast! Tomorrow I’m going to teach her how to give paw.

I can’t resist showing this to you. TeaJai has her little curtsy down pat. I’m still working on “sit pretty” but she needs better balance. What is really great is that my neighbor got a puppy around the same age as TJ, and they get along great, so we are making play dates for them around 3 times a week. A tired puppy is a happy puppy is a well behaved puppy, lol.
You know Judy, I have to mention to you, I was bringing TJ to this “puppy playtime” that some training school offered, and it was great, and I will take her there for training in April.
Anyway, TJ is really becoming a GREAT dog, and I’m serious. Plus, with the great weather and daylight savings time, and the 2am dead of winter puppy pees outside at an end, this is going to be a great spring/summer. Hope all is well with you! Thanks for a great dog!
Wanted to drop a line to let you know how great Bear is doing. He is such an intelligent dog. He knows his name, sit, stay, leave it, & the come commands, working on shake, lol. Walks on a leash very well. He is a bundle of joy in our lives. Today is his 12 week check-up at the vet. Thank you for such great breeding. He will always be the love of our lives.
Best Regards,
The love of a young boy and a chocolate lab!!
Hey there,
I thought I would send you some photos of Rocco! He is now 30 pounds and growing! He has been such a great dog and loves to play with the kids and with other dogs as well. All of our friends can not believe what a great dog he is! He is great in his cage and stays in there quietly. Just thought I would send you an update.
Thanks and I hope you are all doing well.
Hugs & Kisses,
Mary Jo

Hey! I wanted to send you these pictures of Max. He is now 7 months old and weighs 94.4 lbs. He is a really tall and seems to be all muscle. Which we feel when we play w/him or when he wants to sit by us on the couch.
We get sooo many compliments on his looks and his GREAT temperament. He loves our five grandsons and has a favorite that he will not let out of his site if he ventures off on his own. He did really well in his beginning obedience class and we will take him to the advanced class in the fall.
We really love this big guy !!! Thank-you for a great dog !!!
Debbie K.
Just wanted to let you know our Chocolate Lab Hershey has been doing great. She seemed to get acclimated overnight. Great temperament. Even with the 5 kids and all of their friends all over her and in her face, she is so calm and well mannered. Potty training is going very well. She walks into her crate every night on her own to go to sleep. We have even began some early training with sit, stay, come and walking on a leash. People cannot believe what she can do at such a young age. She has been getting tons of love and exercise from everyone. Thanks again for a great dog.

I just wanted to say hello and tell you that our little girl is doing wonderfully! She couldn’t be a better pup – it is great. She has latched on to our other chocolate lab like glue and they really love one another. It is truly amazing. She was potty trained in less than a week and really catches on to everything due to my other labs. We ended up with the name Lilly versus Abbey. Abbey wasnt rolling off my tongue for the first few days and then one day, she sat down while I had her in the back yard, and fell asleep on a Day Lilly… . And I thought ….Lilly- perfect! She’s our Easter Lilly! I think she is starting to look alot like Nia. We love her.
Just wanted to drop a quick note to you to let you know how happy we are with Lola. Everyone truly enjoys her. She has a great personality. She’s doing great in her puppy class. Makes me wish that I should have purchased her brother. I keep telling my husband, I want another one.  Thanks!!   Hope all is going well!!

Hersey and her new family!
Here is a photo of one of our yellow labs that is ready for the holiday season!!
I highly recommend this breeder. We are very happy with our 4 year old chocolate lab that we got as a puppy here. He is very healthy and smart. He loves kids! “

This is Sydney who is one of Caesar and Abby’s Daughters. Growing up with a Rottweiler is the only way to go!!
I just wanted to show you how much Bowser has grown. Today is his 1st Birthday!(9/21/10) He was from the Emma and Ceasar litter! He is happy and healthy and we love him very much!

Hi! Just wanted to give you an update on one of the black male puppies we adopted from you last June that we named Logan. Logan is now 44 pounds (18 wks) and is an absolute tribute to his breed. All the wonderful qualities that labs are known for- intelligence, retrieving, trainability, eager to please etc. We take him almost daily to the dog park where he happily retrieves and socializes with all the dogs. Logan’s obedience training is going extremely well and he heels nicely on a loose leash most of the time and is almost ready for the intermediate puppy class. I find him smart (he housebroke almost overnite), calm (the vet even commented on how impressive Logan’s calm demeanor was), willing and of course he is beautiful! Whenever we go anywhere he is like a people magnet with everyone wanting to know where we got him and remarking how healthy and classic “lab” he is. I’ve given many people your name and internet address. My daughter- Olivia is absolutely in love with Logan and takes an active role in his exercise schedule and training. Logan walks with her very well and has proven to be a wonderful companion.
Can’t thank you enough for breeding such a fabulous dog. He’s everything we had hoped he would be! Thought it would be nice to give you an “update” on one of your babies! Hope you had a wonderful summer and Fall finds you and your family healthy and happy!
Hi Judy! I have been meaning to contact you for a bit now- just wanted to give you an update on one of your puppies who we welcomed into the family Fathers Day 2010. (Buddy and Coalie)
Our black lab who we named Logan is w/o a doubt one of the best dogs I have ever seen or had the pleasure of interacting with! He is so “classic” lab with all the wonderful qualities that the breed represents. I enrolled Logan in obdience training at about 3 months of age and he obtained his Canine Good Citizen by age 6 mos. We have gone on to train in Rally/Obdience and 3 weeks ago both “my” Olivia and myself competed in our first Rally trial in Spring Grove, IL. Logan titled with Olivia, receiving 2 scores of 199 (out of 200), a 196, and a perfect 200! I also titled against more experienced dogs in groups no less than 10 and received 3scores of 209 (out of 210) and 1- 206. In run off’s we placed 2nd, and 3rd out of 14 dogs! Logan received Outstanding Level of Achievement certificates and the judges commented on what a wonderful personality and temperment he had! I received many inquiries as to where he was bred and was happy to give out your name and web address to many. I routinely receive strangers at dog parks etc. approaching me to complement how handsome he is also. Again- always let people know who you are!
As a family companion we could not have asked for a better dog. He is gentle, willing, smart, patient, low key,affectionate and devoted! He wants nothing more than to do his jobs (bring in the paper every a.m. and assist with the mail). He is athletic and excels in his retrieving skills as well as jumping up to catch frisbees and balls. I don’t know when we will be ready for another dog as yet but when we are your farm is our stop.
Thank you for bringing such a wonderful animal onto this earth. I hope to do some therapy work with him and obtain his Therapy title. He is such a great ambassador for the breed. Love the pics on your website. You have a beautiful family and I can see everyone takes great pride in running the farm. I’ll be glad to post any reviews for you and your dogs ever. Even Olivia’s teacher has your name because they are thinking about another lab for their family and have seen and heard us rave about Logan.
Take care- Thanks again!
Lynn L.

Hi! Bailey is doing very well! I wanted to send you some pictures of her! She is soooo pretty and so smart! She has a cute personality! She loves to give high-fives, lay in the shade, sit on our front stair and look out the window, and even tries the Wii fit!! Thank you again for such a sweet puppy! She’s the absolute best! I never thought I could love an animal so much!
July 11, 2010
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know again how pleased we are with our chocolate lab, Daphney. She was born on Mothers day 2008, from Nia and Buddy. She is the best dog ever, and we really love her a lot. If I could I would buy 10 more I would. Thanks again, you do a great job! Mary L.
This is Shelby. This photo was taken after a long day of having fun with her new family!!

Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Shelby. She’s doing great…getting big. She’s 10 lbs. and she’s a lot of fun. She chases squirrels in our yard, but hasn’t caught one yet because she leaps at them like a gazelle. It’s pretty funny to watch! When we go for a walk, she picks things up in her mouth and carries them home. Rocks, sticks, pinecones…we have a small box in our garage where we make her drop her “treasures” before she comes into the house. She’s a great puppy and we love her very much. Hope all is well! Debbie
I was just woken up by the friendly nose (and soggy play toy) of my best little girl Grace, and I am compelled to thank you guys again for your good works. She is my pride and joy from her perfect little toes to the little hairs hanging from her cropped tail. She has many neighborhood friends(although not Chicago aldermen, they want to require $100,000. insurance policies on “fighting dogs.” She is just such a perfect, sweet girl and we will be forever your testimonial to Fabrizius Farms. We will send a picture in Dec. on her 1st birthday.
Sincerely, Carolyn & “Grace”
This is Romeo after a hard day of playing!!
Here is Cooper, enjoying a snack. Cooper is a mighty dog who is ready to take on the task of showing this tiny bone who is in charge!
Here is Miss Sophie from Chicago showing off the newest look for the cold winters in Chicago of 2008.
Eat your heart out Tyra!!
This photo was taken in the Fall of 08. A beautiful photo of two generations of Yellow Labs. The puppy is the daughter of Murray and Cinnamon.
Bruno being the retriever and the loving family dog that he is loves being! Go Bruno!
This is Shadow who is Dodge and Haylee’s daughter.
This is a Jack puppy from Haylee’s last litter. Can you see the puppy or just the snow?

Here are two siblings Rott that live together and play together.
Here is another holiday card for 2007!!
Here is our first holiday card!!
This is Sammi, our Halloween Girl! Ready to walk and get some great treats!!
The first photo was in 2007 as a Jester/Rock Star and the ButterFly Kisses was taken in 2008.
This is Wrigley one of our 2007 Chocolate lab puppies. This cutie lives in Chicago, IL!!
These photos are of Bennett and his owners enjoying a dip in the pool and just loving each other. He is from our first litter of Rottweilers.

This is Wendy who was one of our puppies. The new owners have trained her and use her for hunting. She is a natural and loves the outdoors.

This is Cookie who is the daughter of Haylee! Cookie is from our first litter of Jack Russells!
This is Sugar that lives in Florida and IL. Sugar was born in November 2006. Sugar’s family absolutely loves her. She swims in the pool with the children and also enjoys visits to the doggy spa!
The family that owns Sugar came back and purchased a chocolate lab puppy in July of 2010.
Here is a photo of the new puppy Coco and Sugar who is almost four years old now.
Coco is taking Sugar for a walk, or at least trying to!