Equine Special Care

Special Care

We take great pride in the care of our horses. Whether they are our own, or our clients, the horses get what they need. Fabrizius Farm has the space, the necessary equipment and the knowledge to help the horses recover and rest to return back to their healthy state.

We imprint our foals from day one.

This is one of our 2006 COMEDIAN fillies relaxing with with Olivia. The more you handle your foals, the better they will be around humans.

We have 12′ X 14′ stalls, automatic waterers, we grow and harvest all of our hay and straw, all different types of quality hay for special feeding needs, spacious pastures, let-down paddocks, Close circuit television  to watch the mares when they are close to foaling and an 24-hour on-call vet!

This is one of our 2004 COMEDIAN filly taking a nap with our 1994 filly, Grace.

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