The 2009 Foals have all been weaned! All went well!!

The 2009 Foals have all been weaned! All went well!!

The Sires of The 2009 Foals are:

Two Thoroughbred Stallions:


One Friesian Stallion:


COMEDIAN: 16.1 Hand Tall Thoroughbred Stallion

This is the last crop of Comedian foals.

This is Hawaii’s sire Cruising.

Comedian and Hawaii:


These photos were taken at 24 hours old.

This is Olivia leading Kauai in from the field.

We had our first foal. He is out of Hawaii and by Comedian. Kauai was born on April 14, 2009. He has four white socks, a large star and snip. His sire is a Comedian.

Comedian and Shyanne:


We just came back from the 2013 Kentucky Pony Auction and are pleased to announce that we sold Laughing Too Hard nicknamed “Steel” to Wind Wood Equestrian in Birmingham, Alabama. We look forward to seeing him in the show ring with this beautiful farm and wonderful trainer!

There are more photos of Steel as a foal on our Foals 2009 on the main menu page.

Shyanne: Registered Welsh Mare had her beautiful Chestnut colt that was born April 17, 2009. He was born at noon. This little guy has three white socks and a very similar face of our first Colt.

This poor colt is having a bad hair day. He is not sure if the hair extensions are suppose to look like this or if he should just stick with the good old comb over style.

Comedian and Western Wish


This tall drink of water was born at 10:00 PM on April 18, 2009.

We think his tiny star looks like a Sea Horse.

This was was taken when “Said” was four weeks old.

Comedian and With Favor:


The Final Comedian filly was born on April 26, 2009.

With Favor foaled on April 26, 2009. A wonderful 9:30 AM delivery.

This photo was taken at six hours old.

These photos were taken when she was six days old.

EARTH COLONY: 17.2 Hand Tall Thoroughbred Stallion

Earth Colony and Isabelle: May 2, 2009.


Our first Earth Colony foal has arrived on Derby Day at 6 AM on May 2, 2009.

Earth Colony and Pepper: May 2, 2009.


We had our second Kentucky Derby Day Foal!! This Earth Colony filly looks just like her Dad! Long legs and thick boned!! This filly was born at 10:15 at night.

This photo was taken on this filly was two weeks old.

Tarby is on the left and Said is on the right.

These photos were taken July 13, 2009

DARTH: 16.3 Hand Tall Friesian Stallion

DARTH is By: WANDER 352 and out of NAMKE VAN W. who is by MELLE and out of ORINDA

Above are two photos of DARTH.

These photos are of DARTH’S sire WANDER 352

Lovely Italian: Registered Thoroughbred Mare

Lovely Italian and Darth:


This filly was born on April 24, 2009.

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